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Directors, VPs & Executives:  Feeling a bit burnt out?

Reveal the 5 Hidden Habits that keep you from getting what you want at work.

You want to be well respected and make a big impact in your career!

Everyone has habits they are not aware of that can hold them back at work.

Once you see them, you have the power to do something with those habits, getting  more of what you want (with ease) at work!

You'll get:

  • 5 of the most common hidden habits that show up in your work.

  • A video series with easy-to-use strategies to overcome hidden habits.

  • New approaches to your work that set you up for career success!

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"I appreciated how Carleen showed great insight into my character and personality.  As a result of time spent with Carleen, I now feel more equipped to deal with the day to day challenges working as a professional in the IT industry."​

"When I originally started with Carleen, I could see all of the familiar frustrations and habits beginning to emerge in my new work environment; my work-life balance was out of whack, I was unsatisfied and beginning to question whether I was in the right role. I learned to recognize how my work was valuable, how I see myself in the working environment, and how I feel while doing my work. I cultivated the ability to have compassion for myself, and learned to better appreciate myself, as well as the others around me. I am so grateful for our time together."

"Carleen inspired me and helped spark the passion within myself to stretch beyond what at times I thought was possible. She nudged me to change by contemplating and changing both my internal and external environments. I highly recommend working with Carleen."

"Through my coaching sessions with Carleen, and assigned coaching practices, I saw my confidence and ability grow ...I could accept new challenges, be open to continuous improvement, face uncertainty with curiosity and foster positive relationships for collaboration. With these refined skills, I effected a significant change management initiative over the year that has been highly regarded and recognized by the organization and external partners."

I help professionals who struggle with feeling disconnected, underutilized or undervalued by their organizations, and don't see how their work makes a difference.

I have a system that empowers professionals to create their ideal situation at their current company, or find their dream job elsewhere.

The great part is, it is based on proven, behavioural science that has helped millions of professionals empower their dream careers.

Ready to Grab My 5 Hidden Habits so you can have more impact and love your work again?

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